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Herbalife Appoints New Vice President of Finance for Europe

Herbalife Appoints New Vice President of Finance for EuropeHLF High-Level FormatHLF Property Location FunctionHLF Hook Length Formula ) announced the appointment of Hugh Rees as vice president of…Continue

Tags: London, Hollister

Started by angelmilke2013 in Hunting? Dec 6, 2013.

UK fashion corporation wins brand battle with Lacoste Trouser

UK fashion corporation wins brand battle with Lacoste TrouserA British clothes supplier has won a fouryear trademark battle against…Continue

Tags: Trouser, Lacoste

Started by angelmilke2013 in Hunting? Dec 6, 2013.

Lululemon Sale Athletica 5

Lululemon Sale Athletica 5"Lululemon has reached an inflection point," mentioned Christian Buss, analyst at ThinkEquity. "It is now the initial decision for…Continue

Tags: Sale, Lululemon

Started by angelmilke2013 in Hunting? Dec 6, 2013.

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Lost deer

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Four Generations of Hunters

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Guess our national leaders didn't expect this

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The changing of the tree stand

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Live Trail Camera

Central Wisconsin Trail Camera Live...This is Happening Now

Live broadcasting by Ustream

This actually happened with some guys from Maine .
They dressed the truck up with the guy spread eagle on the roof.
The driver and passengers put on Moose heads.
They went down the Maine toll road Interstate, causing 16 accidents.
Yes; they went to jail... Yes; alcohol was involved...



Video of the Week

Deer Runs Over Dog

So you think your dog is tough until...
__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

1800 lbs Hog Shot in Texas

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Bike Path Encounter...with 2 Moose

So you are riding down the bike path next to the road, and what's in your way...?


A Exclusive


Hunter or Prey?

Written by: Steven Chojnacki, 9/24/2010
Steven Chojnacki of Wausau, WI, gets a Bear and a Deer during an expedition titled "Hunter or Prey" written for his english class and posted to, Chippewa County Wisconsin, 2009

Every year in Wisconsin thousands of blaze orange hunters head to the woods to kill a trophy buck during gun season. After six years of hunting, I was hoping to get my opportunity to kill a monster buck. During all of my years of hunting, I was always the hunter, but the 2008 gun deer season changed that and proved to me that I may be the prey.

"I did what Wisconsinites would call “spray and pray” and I unloaded my gun on it. It now was sprinting through a cut down corn field. I reloaded my gun with six more shells. I started shooting again; it was now about 200-250 yards away. I could see branches breaking and dust flying right underneath it. I was almost hitting it. I had one shot left, KABOOM!"

It is the second week of deer camp, and I hadn’t seen any deer. I woke up one morning to my mom shouting, “Get up! You’re helping us do a deer drive today!” My first thought was, “God I don’t want to wake up. It’s way too early and way to cold out.” I eventually got up to find 20 people in my garage. I knew what that meant. It was time for the final big push we do at the end of season to harvest the last of the deer. I had given up on the chase for a trophy buck, due to the disappointment of not seeing any deer the entire time I had hunted during the season.

There are two basic roles you can take on during a deer drive, the driver or the stander. When I say driver, I don’t mean driving around in a car either. Driving means walking through woods, brush, over and under fences and logs, and through swamps and creeks, and all of this is done while wearing about 10 pounds of clothes and carrying a rifle in hand. The drivers are the people that usually see the most deer, but they get the least amount of time to shoot it. The standers, on the other hand, have the easy job. They just stand in a field at the end or beginning of a drive, and watch for deer, and shoot.

Being the youngest person in the group of people gathered for a drive means you are almost always a driver. By some act of God the group told me I could be a stander on this big drive. I was happier than a fat kid with chocolate cake. Then my excitement faded quickly when the group told me where I was going to stand, in the beginning of the drive out in a gravel pit. No deer come running through there! They usually all get shot before they get to the spot where I was standing. But I was set there in case a deer might get through and run back behind everyone.
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E-Mail of the Week

Joe's First Buck

Joe got his first buck with the bow on opening weekend, a spiker.
He shot it Saturday @ 6:30 PM but we lost the trail at 9 so we didn't find it until 8 am the next morning.
But don't worry, the DNR says there isn't a wolf problem in northern Wisconsin!
See the rest of the picture/s: warning...graphic images (not much left) __________________________________________________________________


Funny of the Week

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Picture of the Week

The story is unconfirmed, but it's still a nice buck. Can anyone shed some light on the story behind this buck? Click the pic to comment and rate this photo.


38 Point Buck Taken in Nebraska

The game warden was there and guessed the age to be 7-8 years? He said it should be a 38 point rack? nebraska 38 pointer,nontypical,38 point buck,Nebraska Buck,monster Buck,,big buck,nebraska deer See/Read the rest __________________________________________________________________

Recipes of the Week

Venison Bacon Burgers


Gourmet Venison Roast

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Bull Elk Bath



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3 Bucks Locked - Athens Ohio

This rare find has already been sold to cabelas.

The bucks green scored 130ish 9 point, 140ish 10 point, and a 169 inch 11 point. They where all found in a creek.

3 bucks found in creek,3 Bucks Locked,three bucks locked together,Athens Ohio, share your,big bucks,dead deer,locked up deer,3 big bucks,ohio bucks

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16 Pointer near Oxford, WI - Taken by 17 yr. Old

Aaron Dobron, 17, of Oconomowoc, shows off the 16-point buck he dropped while hunting Nov. 20 near Oxford.

Bigger Picture, Rate it and Comment HERE

3 Story Duck Blind (on the actual Bayou)


The 1st level hides 4 boats underneath and has room for 2
hunters and has 2 dog doors.


2nd level has a full kitchen ...

Read/See the rest


Featured Video

Do you ever see black bears when you deer hunt? Not this close.




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Hunting Tips

Previous Story Of The Week


Wisconsin Teen Kills State Record 711lbs Black Bear

record black bear,huge bear,teen kiils bear,young farmer,711 lbs,huge black bear,Hawkins bear,Hawkins Teen,Dexter McKittrick
Courtesy of Dexter McKittrick
Dexter McKittrick of Hawkins stands next to the 711-pound black bear he shot on his family’s farm Sept. 9.

By Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel
Sept. 25, 2010 |(23) Comments

Hawkins — Dexter McKittrick already had a full day by most measures.

The 17-year-old had done early-morning chores on his family's Rusk County farm, attended 11th-grade classes at Flambeau High School, gone to football practice after school and then returned home and tended to the dairy herd in late afternoon.

All in a day's work for an able-bodied member of a Wisconsin farm family.

But he wasn't yet done with his Sept. 9 "to-do" list. And as commendable as his work had been so far, the last item - hunting with dad - is gaining McKittrick the most recognition.

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